Rock Type


32 M³ DumperTrailer Technical Properties ;


Produced by gas welding machines from high resistance steel ST52 meterials as *I* section in resistance calculation excessive loading has been considered with robotic welding machine.

King Pin:

Produced with wrought iron (42 cr Mo4). Thats high resistance to tension and breaking off compliance with 2’’ SAE/DIN norms and provides easy replacement posibility with screw connections.


  4 X  14000 kg carriying capacity. Turkish Mark automatic brake adjustment lever and compliance with european standards.Off drum brake systems.

Brake System:

Designed according into the european standards are used on equipped with automatic brake adjustment brake chambers (30 cylinder), Brake Disk (394x210 mm) axle brakes system. There are two pieces of replecable protective brake sockets. 

Rear Axles 30x30 Service emergency bellows.

Mechanical Suspension Systems:          

Two axles has leaf spring system (14 sciors)  as mechanical suspension combined with 4 axels systems.Designed as Exceed Capacity carriying


They are “Lider” brand with double revolutions mechanic pillars with 24 tons carriying capacity.

Wheel and Rim:

12 R 22,5  16 units. Goodyear or Pirelli brand

Body Volume:

Body Volume 32 M³ capacity

Body Material:

Type body can be make 32 MT3 dumper type. And the material will be 5 mm Side  and 4 mm Bottom  ST 52  (A1) quality sheet stell are using iron sheet

Telescobic cylinder and  Hydraulic Cylinder:

It designed  according to the conditions of bumpers length and working conditions.Our manufacture heavy work cylinder is fixed to the telescobic cylinder machine.The dumper got pneumatic  control double lowering ventil dumper transmission pump acuple type border control safety valve The used  air hydraulic hoses and records are in confirmation of  Europe Union standarts. 5 stroke and heavy type Turkish  brand hydraulic cylinder. Optionally horizontally hydrolic cylinder can be mount which most advantages is to resolve roll over risk.


Trailer clean before painting and repair with paste for smooth face. Then prime paint and double last paint regarding customer reguest in Paint Oven.

Electrical equipment:

At side 5 unit lamps.

60, 70, 80 Label, at rear park lamps, plate lamp triangle reflector.

2 X 7 pim electric sockets.


2 pieces single covered, manhole resistant to test pressure.

1 piece air pressure monometer.

Imported hose system having internal discharging channel that provides fluidity.

1 piece safety valve adjusted to 2.5 bar.

1 piece ball jet air valve that accelerates discharging.

1 piece tool kit box (at the body).

1 piece nonskid ground walking platform.

1 piece stair from rear existing.

2 pieces PVC carrier for discharging hoses.

Plastic mudguard covering rear axle Group.

1 piece tool kit box made of sheet.

1 piece discharge valve box made of sheet.

Control Panel (Check – pass, air meter, ramp lever).

Plastic water tank.

Roller or basket spare tire carrier.

Chock and chock place.

                                                             .                .                              .

The above features are standards. The features can change according to customer’s request.